20 Hour Yoga Immersion


March 22nd - March 31st, 2020


10 days of Iyengar Yoga Immersion in the beautiful surroundings of Kudle Beach, Gokarna, India. This retreat offers you the chance to positively influence your physical, mental, and emotional well-being and cultivate awareness.  With crashing waves on your back doorstep, your days spent here will include yoga classes and plenty of time to unwind and relax. 


The Program
Will spend 10 days together supporting a healthy yoga lifestyle to facilitate physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our Retreat led by Ari Brasil and Julie Baker was designed to revitalize and harmonize your mind and body. What distinguishes Iyengar Yoga is the very high degree of attention paid to alignment. Props are used to increase awareness and to make the poses accessible. Iyengar yoga focuses on precision and endurance within a multitude of progressive sequences. A strong practice that incorporates dynamic, static and restorative postures to firm the body and steady the mind.  


The Setting

In a place which can be termed as a perfect mixture of natural beauty and some of the most important religious destinations, Gokarna is one of the major tourist destinations in Karnataka. The beaches present in this region are fantastic and notable because of their cleanliness. Among all the beaches, the Kudle Beach is one of the most visited ones because of its unmatched natural beauty.



Namaste Yoga Farm is famous for its well-known exclusive stay which provides its guests with an optimum comfort and peace. The feel however is like a homely and cozy type, with rooms that present the perfect environment to do yoga, relax, and enjoy. The rooms are located far from the noise so you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment.  Namaste Yoga Farm Gokarna uses thick volcanic, laterite stones for the walls and the roof is made from terracotta tiles on coconut wood rafters. This accommodates and entertains visitors in a way that is minimally intrusive or destructive to the environment and sustains and supports the native cultures in the locations it is operating in.

Getting There
You will be booking your flights to Dabolim Goa International Airport (GOI). Before booking tickets, please be sure you have received your official confirmation note that the retreat has met its minimums. There will be one group airport shuttle each way based on our flight window guidelines. Be sure your flights align with the provided flight windows if you wish to use the group shuttle.

Chapada dos Veadeiros


Transformational Retreat


- 9 nights’ at an eco-yoga retreat center 
- Daily Breakfast & snacks

- 20+ Hours of Iyengar Yoga classes

- Water and drinks

- Linen and towels

- Complimentary bikes to explore the surroundings 
- Plenty of free time to relax on the beach
- Transportation to and from Dabolim Goa Airport (GOI)

NOT Included
Airfare to/from India


MORNINGS begin in meditative silence as we move into our Yoga class in the beautiful yoga space among the trees. Our highly experienced teacher, Julie Baker weave breath, strength, flexibility and awareness into a moving meditation that accommodates beginners through advanced practitioners. Following yoga we eat a delicious breakfast to prepare us for the beautiful day ahead!


AFTERNOONS may include a hiking excursion to any of the beautiful beaches in Gokarna. There will be plenty of free time to relax. At around 5 pm, we re-convene for another gentle and rejuvenating yoga session under the setting sun.

EVENINGS  are free. You may explore the sunset jams at the beach or try the indian cuisine at any of the different local restaurants.



    “ I went to Brazil May 2018 and the experience was amazing. Ari and Ryan took care of everything. Everyone was so open and kind. Food was incredible, and I'm not vegan; accomodations were just rustic enough to feel like an adventure, without actually having to forgo comforts. Swimming under a waterfall was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I got to experience a piece of the culture. My only critique was that I definitely recommend more Maracatu! ” Cayley, California, 2018

    “ I went on the Terra Retreat to Brazil in May and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. Ari did a fantastic job of curating the entire experience from the lodging, the hikes, plan{e}t medicine ceremonies and morning yoga, everything was perfect. Not to mention, the food was off the charts amazing(If you went just to eat you'd be happy you did). Throughout the retreat I was given space to expand into a more full expression of my truest self and that in of itself is absolutely priceless. Ari is dedicated to making sure that all of the participants' needs and desires are met and she is absolutely one of the most generous and loving souls I have ever been in contact with. If you feel even slightly called to it, I can say for sure that this is a space you can put your fullest trust into and upon returning home you will find you have gotten much more out of it than you ever could have put in. Take the leap! “ Jeffrey, Maryland, 2018

    “ Ari really sets the bar high when it comes to yoga retreats. Truth be told it was actually allot more than just a “yoga retreat” Each day was jam packed with so much fun and adventure. Not to mention 3 nights of ayahuasca/ kambo ceremonies , needless to say our scheduled rest days were much appreciated. All in all my time in Brazil was something special I will cherish the rest of my life. Super grateful to have gotten to meet all the amazing people who participated in the retreat. By the end of the 10 days we had become like a little family which made an already awesome trip even better. To Ari, thanks again for everything! best of luck with your future Terra Retreats and I hope to participate in one again soon! “ Austin, Connecticut, 2018


3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies (Ayahuasca)

Shared Dorm (up to 4 beds)
 $970 USD

3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies (Ayahuasca)

Double Occupancy (2 people in one room)

$970 USD

3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies (Ayahuasca)

Single Occupancy

$1,470 USD